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Founded in 1970 by Sabino Aguilar and Ruth Mitchell de Aguilar. El Jorongo is a family business dedicated to producing hand knit and hand woven wool goods. We are located in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México.


El Jorongo trabaja Ruanas Charras tradicionales tejidos en 100% lana en telar y de paño de lana. Sobre pedido se hacen colores y diseños especiales e inclusive con nombre. También ofrecemos quesquemen y capas en variados estilos.

Bouclé Poncho


Bouclé Poncho


Handwoven Poncho in soft Bouclé yarn with fringe is triangular and can be worn two different ways: as shown at present and as shown on mouse over. Perfect for an afternoon out or cool evening.

Measures 18" on the short side by 30" on the long side measuring from neck with additional 4" fringe.

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