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Founded in 1970 by Sabino Aguilar and Ruth Mitchell de Aguilar. El Jorongo is a family business dedicated to producing hand knit and hand woven wool goods. We are located in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México.




The minimum quantity for a wholesale order is 20 pieces. A wholesale order may be assorted among any of El Jorongo's handwoven rugs, handknit sweaters, wool capes, ski hats, bargains, or other handloomed products. We also have experience in handlooming wholesale orders with custom details such as special sizing or designs to fit your needs.

Wholesale orders have a 20% discount over the retail price up to a hundred pieces. On larger orders we may be able to give a larger discount.

All items for import/export must be labeled. We will label your order at no extra charge with the labels you provide, which should contain the fiber content, washing instructions and "Made in Mexico" as well as any business name you may want to include. We can also provide a cost estimate on labels made to your specifications here in Mexico.

Depending on the size of your wholesale order we can ship by DHL, International Express Mail or by air freight. We can provide estimated shipping costs so that you can decide which you prefer or we can deliver to your consolidator here in Mexico.

We will fill out all paperwork required for shipping at no extra charge including NAFTA Certificate of Origin with Customs classifications, Textile Declaration, Packing List and Invoice.

At the time of your order we will provide you with a delivery date based on the cutoff date you give us and the quantity you are ordering.

Wholesale orders may be paid for either by credit card or by bank deposit.

For any questions please contact us with the specifics of your order.