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Founded in 1970 by Sabino Aguilar and Ruth Mitchell de Aguilar. El Jorongo is a family business dedicated to producing hand knit and hand woven wool goods. We are located in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México.



WHOLESALE: 20 pieces or more are considered wholesale and may be assorted from any of the products on this page and have a wholesale discount.

WHOLESALE DISCOUNT: Your wholesale discount will be between 10% and 20% depending on whether some of the items come from the Bargain Box, which are items that already have a discount.

ORDERING WHOLESALE: You may wish to send us a list of the products you wish to buy wholesale via our Contact form. You may also fill your cart and then send us a screenshot to so that we can apply your wholesale discount and calculate your shipping. You can also send a list to our email at , to our What’s Ap at (443)540-5919 or call us at (434)342-0924 any day from 10am to 6pm except Christmas and New Year’s Day.

SHIPPING: The cost of shipping will depend on the destination. We ship worldwide and have over 40 years experience in exporting. We will label and document all shipments properly without extra charge.

SHIPPING OPTIONS AND TRACKING: All of the methods we use for shipping have tracking by internet. Shipping time will be 2 to 10 days depending on the method used. We offer MEXPOST, FEDEX, ESTAFETA and DHL. The holiday season may delay your package slightly more.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Anyone with a credit card or debit card can pay without having a PayPal account although PayPal processes for us. At the same time we offer the option of paying by deposit to a bank account or card, in which case please call us at (434)342-0924 or email us at

CARE OF MERINO WOOL: We recommend that Merino wool be dry cleaned although it may also be hand washed by those with experience in washing fine wool in cool/cold water with any economical hair shampoo and then rinse thoroughly in cool/cold water. Sweaters should be rolled in a towel to avoid stretching and placed lengthwise around the agitator in the washer on SPIN only. Then unroll and lay flat to dry, turning as needed. Jorongos do not need the towel as they will not stretch and can safely be put on the Spin cycle and then hung on the line to dry. Wool should never be washed with a detergent, soaked, machine washed or machine dried as that will result in shrinkage and felting.

CARE OF MERINO WOOL PONCHOS: We definitely recommend dry cleaning for our Merino wool ponchos due to the type of weave.

CARE OF CRIOLLO WOOL SWEATERS: We recommend that Criollo wool sweaters be washed according to the instructions for Merino wool, but with the addition of a tablespooful of Olive oil in the rinse water to replace the lanolin that is lost through washing. These sweaters may also be dry cleaned if you don’t mind the loss of the lanolin.

CARE OF CRIOLLO WOOL RUGS AND PONCHOS: It is always best to wash Criollo wool rugs and ponchos by hand, but since they are quite hevy we have washed the smaller ones (maximum of 3’ x 6’) in the washer in cold water with a small amount of economical hair shampoo. We have taken the larger rugs to a laundromat with a commercial size washer along with some of the same shampoo. We do not use Woolite or Vel Rosita since they are basically liquid detergents and detergents shrink wool more. The cold water and shampoo avoid excessive shrinkage although we have noticed that after many washings a little shrinkage does become noticeable. We advise drying on the line after spinning out the excess water in the washing machine. If you would rather not have any shrinkage at all it is necessary to have your rugs and ponchos dry cleaned.

BEWARE: Chlorox should never be used to clean wool. It will dissolve the wool if very much is used or at the very least if only a little is used it will weaken the weave or knit beyond repair.